How To Navigate Toronto Building Permits Like a Pro!

By: Christine Tetstall

How To Navigate Toronto Building Permits Like a Pro!

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What is a Building Permit?

When the City of Toronto issues formal authorization for construction, demolition, or an addition or alteration to a property, it is known as a building permit. Toronto Building staff is then required to review plans and the following work to ensure compliance with the Ontario Building Code, and any other applicable zoning by-laws and regulations.

When Do I Need One?

 Not all work done to a property requires a building permit, although it entirely depends on the details of the situation related to the project. For example, finishing a basement would require a permit if excavating, constructing a basement entrance, or underpinning, but would not need a permit if the work does not include structural or material alterations or does not require the installation of new plumbing.

 A list of common projects that do or do not require building permits can be found on the City of Toronto services website. 

If in doubt as to whether or not the work requires a permit, seek the advice of a professional such as an architect. Essentially building permits are put in place to warrant that construction, demolition, and renovations are completed in compliance with the appropriate codes and bylaws. When the work is completed, the permit should be closed with the city, indicating that the work was legally carried out.

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